Anna Peterson reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

November 15, 2016

LeeAnna, LOVES school, I can't believe how much she has learned since September and how she has quickly learned to write her first and last name by herself. I love watching her excitement when talking about her day!!

Christen Warble reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

October 29, 2016

There is nowhere else I would send my kids. Grant loved it and Quinn enjoys going there with her favorite teachers and friends


Phil Tayman reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

March 15, 2016

My family loves Sue's Sunshine Learning Center. Both our girls were fortunate enough to attend. It is the best in the area and we wish we would have found her even sooner

Andrea Taylorson reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

September 20, 2016

This school is the best! Most caring and wonderful staff. Willing to work with children from the transition from daycare to school. Very advanced and hands on learning through a structured curriculum that is modified to fit each students needs. Your kids will be in great hands and you have the ability to watch them all day long on the advanced technology system with an app for your phone or computer. There is no better learning center in the state

Stacey M Cosgrove reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center 

November 24, 2016 

I absolutely love that Megan loves going to Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshines Learning Center. She is very eager to learn and couldn't ask for a better support system. She is going to be beyond ready for Kindergarten in the Fall. I wish could stay for another year or two. It goes to say without the help of the staff that Mrs. Sue employs and there on going support of the parents that our kids wouldn't be where they are today. I appreciate also all of the friendships that Megan has found at the center her being an only child is a struggle



Matt OKelley reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

June 14, 2014

Ms. Sue is 5 stars ... she'd be 107 stars if they had that available! I trust her with my daughter like I would with family. She's honestly the best person I can imagine for this job. The passion she has for teaching is something I've never seen before.

Gabrielle Fields reviewed Mrs. Sue's Little Sunshine Learning center

September 7, 2016 

Izabella cannot wait to go to school every day! Ms. Sue and the staff do a great job! I feel 100% comfortable knowing that my daughter has the best care and education a preschool can give